About JKG

Cardio * Strength * Dance * Gymnastics

The autumn program starts on August 26th, 2024. Welcome!

JKG is a sports club in Jakobstad that offers training, gymnastics and dance for children, youths and adults. JKG offers gymnastics and dance for children, aesthetic group gymnastics (AGG) for children and youths as well as dance and various types of fitness-enhancing and muscle-strengthening workouts for youths and adults. JKG has about 800 members, of which 100 are boys and men. JKG is certified according to the Tähtiseura program for children, youth and adult activities.


JKG Values: Active, Positive, Healthy, Skilled

Our core values are Active, Positive, Healthy and Skilled. We live up to this through our high membership of active gymnasts and our active participation in training, external and internal events and shows. Being active also means pro-actively solving problems and pro-actively developing the operations. JKG wants to be an active pioneer in the gymnastics federation, for example in quality certification and bullying prevention. In our operations, we follow the Fair Play principles: Reilun Pelin periaatteet.

Health, joy and positive team spirit are unwritten targets in all groups. We invest in a stress-relieving, health-promoting and versatile activity. Being healthy means a healthy attitude to exercise and regular social interaction. We encourage our members to move 2-3 hours per day. We completely distance ourselves from drugs and alcohol use among our minors. JKG has an action plan against bullying as well as an action plan for gender equality and equal treatment. Being positive means that we come to our sessions with the aim of spreading joy and encouraging those we meet. Joy begets joy. During sad or difficult days, it is important to be supported and greeted with a friendly tone.

Our instructors and our board educate themselves continuously to ensure a safe and valuable operation with skilled leaders. We offer tutoring activities among our young leaders. We want to address and solve all problems and concerns that our members or parents have within the framework of our activities.