Participant fee

You can try out for free in all groups before signing up, but if you want to guarantee a place, you should register in advance! Sign up for all the groups that you regularly want to participate in. If it doesn’t suit you to participate in your regular session some week, you can freely choose to participate in one of our other sessions, if there is space. The maximum number in a hall varies depending on the size of the hall and the nature of the group.* See Scheme 2023-2024 – Jakobstads Gymnastikförening rf (

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Fees Adults

  • 1 class / week 55 euro
  • 2 classes / week 65 euro
  • 3 classes / week 75 euro
  • 4 classes / week 85 euro
  • 5 classes / week 95 euro

per semester. The semester is between January-May or September-December. An adult who participates 3 times a week on average pays 75 euros, which is an average price of 2 euros per time.

Fees Children below 15 y.

  • 1 class / week 50 euro
  • 2 classes / week 55 euro

per semester. The semester is between January-May or September-December.

Family gymnastics

The parent registers as a member according to the number of sessions/week. The child is for free.

The Aesthetic Group Gymnastics

The fee is 55/65/75 euros per term depending on the number of sessions per week.

Our sessions are held in Idrottsgården in Övre salen (ÖS) and Danssalen (DS), as well as in Rettig Sport Center (RET) and certain hours are also held in Rådmans (RÅD), Vestersundsby (VBY) school and Språkbadsskolan (SPR). See addresses here.

The semester fee includes membership fee in JKG, €10 per financial year (September 2023-August 2024). By participating in JKG, you also become a member of the association. The term fee does NOT include accident insurance for the member.

*The pandemic situation and possible restrictions are also taken into account.