Login and sign up for our classes HERE


Click the link above. Unfortunately, the registration program is only available in Finnish and Swedish.
Select language in the upper right corner of the page. The instructions below are based on the Swedish
language selection. Type Jakobstads Gymnastikförening in the search field.

If you already have a username and password, do directly to step 4.
1. Select Registrering in the menu on the left.
2. Fill in your personal details (mandatory fields are marked with a *star) and click
3. You will receive a password to the e-mail address that you have provided. Login by clicking
“Inloggning” in the menu.
4. Click on “Anmälning”

Select the classes that you would like to attend. You can try all the classes for free before
signing up, but if you want to ensure your spot, it’s good to sign up in advance! Sign up for all
the classes that you want to attend on a regular basis. If you can’t attend your regular class on
a specific week, you are free to join any other of our classes.

Click on ”Fortsätt till steg 2: Bekräfta anmälningen”

Print the invoice immediately or check your e-mail for the invoice. The sender of the e-mail is If you are entitled to employee benefits by your employer (for example e-passi),
you can use those also for the JKG classes. Select JKG in the mobile app and select the right
amount. The corresponding amount can be withdrawn from the invoice amount. If you beefit
covers the whole amount, you can leave the invoice unpaid. Physical vouchers can be handed
over to the instructor as soon as possible, and the corresponding amount can the withdrawn
from the invoice amount.
Finalize the sign up procedure by clicking “Avsluta anmälningen”.

Signing up your child

If you are not yourself a member in JKG, you can sign your child(ren) up according to the same
procedure as above. Please provide your own e-mail address, so we can send the invoices to
the correct address. If the cild is underaged, please also provide the name and telephone
number of the parent/caretaker.

If you are a member, you can register to chil(ren) as sub user(s) (sub-användare).
1. Go to “Egna uppgifter”
2. Click “Den nya sub-användarens registrering” in the top of the page
3. Enter the child’s/children’s personal details
4. When you want to sign your child up for a class, select “anmälning” in the left-hand menu,
and select which user you want to sign up.
Choose which classes you want for your child.
If you are signing up yourself and also signing your child up at the same time, please note that you
need to confirm the sign up procedure separately for yourself and your child. You will receive
separate invoices.
Print the invoice immediately or check your e-mail for the invoice. The sender of the e-mail is Finalize the sign up procedure by clicking “Avsluta anmälningen”.

NOTE! Save the username and password for upcoming terms! If you have problems registering or
signing up, please contact us.


The participation fee is from 50/55 € /semester (autumn semester/spring semester), depending on
age and number of classes. For each additional class, there is an additional fee of 5 € (children)/10
€ (adults).
The fee for Aesthetic group gymnastics is 55/65/75 €, depending on number of hours per week for.
By signing up for one of our classes, you become a club member. The fee includes a membership
fee of 10 € per year (September 2022-August 2023). Please note that the fee does NOT include an
accident insurance.