Scheme 2023-2024


It is recommended to arouse an early interest in movement and activity. Training for children should be fun, developing and give a feeling of being enough and succeeding. At our sessions, your child gets the opportunity to develop his or her strength, coordination, balance, mobility and ability to work in a group. During the sessions, we have fun when we train together without competition.

MON 17:30-18:15 OXH Gympaskola 4-5 years Katarina S-B & Funi D
MON 18:15-19:00 OXH Gympaskola 6-7 years Katarina S-B & Funi D
TUE 17:30-18:15 OXH Supernova* Emma I & Victoria
WED 17:30-18:15 OXH Family gymnastics Lina B
WED 18:15-19:00 OXH Family gymnastics Lina B


Physical activity strengthens and develops both your physical and mental well-being. We welcome everyone regardless of training experience to our sessions. With us, you can take part in the joy of training, community and versatile training with varied intensity all days of the week!

♥ = Extra high intensity

MON 18:00-19:00 ÖS Circuit training Team
MON 19:00-20:00 ÖS Monday Workout Pia B
MON 20:00-21:00 ÖS Karajumppa Mimmi Ö
TUE 18:15-19:00 OXH Happy Moves* Emma I & Victoria
TUE 19:00-20:00 ÖS Fysiopilates beg. Lena L
TUE 20:00-21:00 ÖS Fysiopilates adv. Lena L
WED 17:45-18:45 ÖS Fysiogympa Eija B
WED ♥ 18:45-19:45 ÖS Fitness boxing Aleksey O B
THU 18:30-19:30 ÖS Core & Flex Pia-Maria M
THU 19:30-20:30 ÖS Dance Workout Pia N
FRI 9:00-10:00 ÖS Senior Workout 65+ years Ulrika L-S
FRE ♥ 10:00-11:30 ÖS Friday Power 60 min + Stretch&Relax 30 min Ulrika L-S
SAT ♥ 10:00-11:00 ÖS Body Workout Nancy L & Erica H
SUN ♥ 17:00-18:00 ÖS Body & Pulse Mia H

* Group for adults with disabilities or special needs. An assistant can participate in the session.


Dance is a wonderful way to express one’s feelings through. At the same time as you improve your fitness, you get swept up in various dance styles together with like-minded people. JKG has dance lessons for all age categories, from four-year-olds to adults. Our dance groups give you the opportunity to perform at various national and international events, but performing is not a compulsion to participate. Welcome to share the joy of dancing!

MON 18:00-19:00 DS Dance & Show 8-9 år Ida F (Vera G)
TUE 18:00-19:00 ÖS D.A.N.C.E fr 13-15 år Annika S-L
TUE 18.00-18:45 RÅD Dansskola 6-8 år Anna B
WED 19:45-20:45 ÖS Show Me fr 15 år Sussie Å
THU 17:30-18:15 OXH Dansskola 4-6 år Kajsa K
THU 18:00-19:00 DS Dance & Show 10-12 år Mira L & Venla D
THU 19:30-20:30 ÖS Dansant Workout Pia N
FRI 17:30-18:30 ÖS Fredagsshow fr 20 år Emma L
SUN 16:00-17:00 ÖS Modern Inspired fr 14 år Alva B


Feta(f. 2017-2018)
Eleia (f. 2015-2016)
Ewelia (f. 2013-2014)
Wix (f. 2011-2012)
Violetta (f. 2009-2010)
Viola (f. 2008-2009)
Isadora (f. 2006-2007)
Ixia (f. 2006)
Gnistra (f. 2004-2006)

Aesthetic group gymnastics is a versatile competitive sport that emphasizes endurance, speed, strength, agility, central movement technique, coordination and expressiveness. Each movement is part of a whole. The groups train 2-4 times a week and mainly compete during the spring semester. The number of participants is limited. Get in touch if you want to participate!

MON 16:30-17:30 RET Wix X Y Z Rebecka H, Filippa H (Livia)
MON 17:30-18:30 RET Ewelia X Y Sandra G (Sarah J)
MON 18:00-19:00 RÅD Feya Alva L-A (Felicia K)
MON 18:30-20:00 RET Violetta X Y Z Cassandra H, Cajsa S (Elvira)
MON 19:30-21:00 RET Gnistra Mia H
TUE 16:30-18:00 RET Eleia X Y Z Ester G (Ellie, Rebecca P)
TUE 18:00-19:00 RET Ewelia X Y, Wix X Y Z Sandra G, Filippa H, Rebecka H
TUE 19:00-19:30 RET Wix Z, Ixia, Isadora Tilda G, Thilde B
TUE 19:30-20:30 RET Ixia, Isadora Tilda G, Thilde B
WED 17:00-18:30 RET Viola Ester G
WED 18:00-19:30 RET Ixia Tilda G
THU 16:30-18:00 RET Ewelia X Y Sandra G, Sarah J
THU 18:00-19:30 RET Viola X & Violetta X (Extra Y Z 19-19:30 – Mia/Thilde) Ester G, Cassandra H/ Cajsa S
THU 19:00-20:30 RET Gnistra & Isadora Mia H, Thilde B
SAT 10:00-11:00 RET Viola, Violetta (Y Z 1,5h) Team
SAT 10:30-11:30 OXH Feya Alva L-A (Felicia K)
SAT 11:00-12:00 RET Eleia Team
SAT 11:30-12:30 RET Wix X Y Z Team
SUN 17:00-18:00 ÖS Body & Pulse > 14 years Mia